Pre-Assignment: Prior to Session #1

Please watch the 15-minute video “15 Things Veterans Want You to Know”, from Psych-Armor Institute. 

To Enroll to Take the Video:

  1. Click Here: 

You will see the following at the top of the page:
Please register below to gain access to your Team’s courses.

Vet Arts Connect, an initiative of The Institute for Integrative Health, supports the health and well-being of Maryland military veterans by connecting them with vital experiences in nature and the creative arts. Consistent with scientific findings, many veterans report that artistic expression and encounters with nature improve their mood, self-confidence, and ability to manage stress.

Create your log in:

  • Create your account and log in

  • After logging in, you will go to “Your Courses” section and will find 7 titles offered.

The Veteran Ready Training training currently consists of 5 titles in the PsychArmor library including:

    1. The Myths and Facts of Military Leaders (not required for this course)

    2. Military Sexual Trauma (not required for this course)

    3. Invisible Wounds of War Overview (required for this course)

    4. Helping Others Hold On (required for this course)

    5. Communication Skills with Veterans (required for this course)

    6. 15 Things Veterans Want You to Know (required to take before class one)

    7. How to Talk to Someone with a Disability (required for this course)

 Enroll and complete “15 Things Veterans Want You to Know”, prior to class one

 The other titles (c, d, e, g) should be taken after class one and before class two

The 5 modules will take you approximately 2 hours to complete.  Setting up an account is easy but it you’d like a tutorial here is a link to a video which will help you log in and register

 If you have issues with registration, please email JW Rone at: